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What is Beamforming?

10- 17- 2018
Reviewed by:Team Zyxel

To make it easy to understand, let's break it down in simple terms: "Beamforming" refers to...

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How do Powerline Adapters work?

10- 05- 2018
Reviewed by:Team Zyxel

When it comes to better internet, one of the easiest (and most affordable) ways to get better...

Fascinating quotes about the Internet of Things

09- 21- 2018
Reviewed by:Team Zyxel

In a recent post by Forbes, a variety of eye-opening quotes from today's top tech luminaries...

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Does your home need an ethernet switch?

09- 20- 2018
Reviewed by:Team Zyxel

Today's home requires ample internet speed and bandwidth to handle the ever-growing number of...

Cat5 or Cat6? What's the difference and what do you need?

09- 18- 2018
Reviewed by:Team Zyxel

If you're planning on building a new house or office (or maybe you want to replace your existing...

How does encryption work?

09- 07- 2018
Reviewed by:Team Zyxel

We all rely on it – and virtually every form of digital technology uses some variant of data...

Almost half of the world's most popular websites are at risk

08- 24- 2018
Reviewed by:Team Zyxel

Image via ITPro

School hands out Chromebooks to all incoming freshmen

08- 23- 2018
Reviewed by:Team Zyxel

Now that's a good way to start the year off on the right foot. 

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Multimedia Over Coax: What is it?

08- 15- 2018
Reviewed by:Team Zyxel

Most homes today have coax wire running throughout the house. It's what you hook up to your TV...

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PoE Switches Just Makes Sense

07- 18- 2018
Reviewed by:Team Zyxel

Thinking of upgrading your place of work with new technology but don't want to invest in new...

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