Zyxel is Committed to Improving Hotel Internet Experiences Around The World.



When it comes to hotel WiFi, seems even some of the best hotels in the country struggle with providing good–if not decent–digital experiences. Whether it be in-room WiFi, Internet-ready TV applications, online room service, etc., it's sometimes a challenge to find a hotel that delivers all the goods. Furthermore, WiFi has already been established as one of the most basic services guests look for when choosing a hotel, and demand for digital TV along with video and media on demand is increasing every year. 

That said, Zxyel is leading the effort to improve internet connectivity at hotels around the world, helping hotelier's improve their guests' experience from the moment they walk in the door to the moment they leave. 

With a robust suite of services and products geared for the hospitality industry, Zyxel is committed to helping hoteliers improve their guests' digital experiences. In fact. Zyxel’s hospitality solutions are tailor-made for the different scale of the business, from cafeterias, bistros, clinics, to hotels with less than 500 rooms, and hotels with more than 500 rooms. We even offer a cloud networking solution (Zyxel Nebula), where the network administrator can control the entire network with remote accessibility, easy manageability, as well as instant WiFi connectivity.

A recent example of Zyxel's success can be found at Tachi Palace, one of the most popular casino/hotel destination's in California's Central Valley.
InnSpire, creators of cutting edge TV and HSIA systems for hospitality, chose Zyxel as their networking partner for the installation at Tachi
Palace.  InnSpire uses Nebula to monitor and manage the hotel’s network from any location.  This solution  made a tremendous improvement to the WiFi, TV and telephony services in the hotel.  Way to go, Tachi Palace!

Find out more about the Tachi Palace solution and InnSpire here.


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