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Don’t be Defenseless. Protect your Data from Cybercriminals.

06- 18- 2021
Reviewed by:Team Zyxel

On June 6, the renowned investigative news broadcast "60 minutes" aired the "When Cybercriminals...

The Coronavirus and its impact on computers
The CoronaVirus and its Impact on Computers

03- 16- 2020
Reviewed by:Team Zyxel

This week marked a pivotal moment with the spread of novel coronavirus. Cases are spreading around...

Zyxel 2019 Highlights - Day of Giving,  PLA6456, ZyWALL ATP100 Firewall and 2019 ChannelPro SMB All-Star-1
Year in Review: Highlights of 2019

01- 02- 2020
Reviewed by:Team Zyxel

As 2019 comes to a close, we want to share highlights from this past year. We are fortunate to...

October is National Cybersecuirty Awareness Month
October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

10- 04- 2019
Reviewed by:Team Zyxel

Cyber-attacks are now common to individuals, community, large scale corporations and even...

Monitor, Block and Prevent Unknown Cyberattacks

09- 17- 2019
Reviewed by:Team Zyxel

Cyber threats and cyberattacks are terrifying. They are the leading type of crime perpetrated by...