The CoronaVirus and its Impact on Computers

This week marked a pivotal moment with the spread of novel coronavirus. Cases are spreading around the globe. Governments are banning large gatherings. Festivals, concerts, sports events and awards shows are even being cancelled. But how does this impact company IT systems?

Cybercriminals are taking advantage of this pandemic especially when people are at their most scared and vulnerableThe Corona Virus and its Impact on Computers stage to steal personal data or lure consumers through phishing scams. Your computers become the most obvious target. According to threatpost cybersecurity professionals identified a bevy of new threats ranging from coronavirus-themed malware attacks, booby-trapped URLs and credential stuffing scams. Even WHO (World Health Organization) sent a warning to the public that scammers are pretending to be WHO representatives with the objective to steal money and personal data from organizations and individuals like you.

Block, Learn and Prevent

Phishing emails are most likely to be happening with this health crisis. They appear to be trustworthy but tricking you to download malware and getting your sensitive data. You must be proactive to learn about cyber-attacks.

Zyxel's ZyWALL ATP Firewall is empowered with smart cloud intelligence giving seamless protection against all those Advanced Persistent Threats, achieving ultimate in-depth defense of future unknown attacks.

Block it.

Multi-Layer Protection from default bundled security service can block malicious and suspicious traffic, ensuring wellbeing of your business network.

Learn it.

Cloud Intelligence identifies every incoming threats so the Cloud Threat Database keeps learning, evolving, and growing stronger after each attack.

Prevent it.

Cloud Intelligence extracts top ranked threat information and gives all ATP firewalls constant updates. This global sharing synergy empowers ATP firewalls to prevent all hidden threats.

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