Monitor, Block and Prevent Unknown Cyberattacks

Cyber threats and cyberattacks are terrifying. They are the leading type of crime perpetrated by online thieves. A cyberattack is an intended attempt by a malicious organization or individual to breach sensitive data of individual, organizations, the community and even government institutions. It can also cause electrical blackouts. The cyber attacker’s objectives are simply to disrupt, paralyze and access phone/computer systems to get some ransom in return. The infiltrations on infrastructure range from sophisticated cross-site scripting (XSS) and Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks to everyday Malware and Phishing. Cybercriminals don't discriminate and make every effort to remain invisible.

Take a recent ransomware attack in the city of Baltimore. CBS News reported city leaders voted to use $6 million dollars to help pay for a ransomware attack that infected local government computers. CBS News guest Dan Patterson, a CNET Senior Producer, explained that it does not matter if you're a big city or small town, everybody is a target.


"The smaller city answer is pretty easy to understand just like attacking small businesses or even consumers … this is a market. And many of these cities simply don't have the budget that a large city might have or cyber defense. They might not have the knowledge of how to prepare against a cyberattack. They might not have the incentives or think that ‘We're a small town how can we possibly be victims of this?’ Of course, ransomware can spread anywhere, and it can be launched against almost anyone. Almost anyone can be a target."

In this day and age, cyberattacks are growing in scale and volume. Organizations should be vigilant in monitoring, blocking, and preventing them. The ZyWALL ATP Firewall is empowered with smart cloud intelligence giving seamless protection against all Advanced Persistent Threats, achieving ultimate in-depth defense of future unknown attacks.

Cloud Intelligence identifies every incoming threat, so the cloud threat database keeps evolving, learning, and growing stronger after each attack.

Multi-Layer Protection from default bundled security service can block suspicious traffic, ensuring well-being of your business network.

Cloud Intelligence extracts top ranked threat information and gives all ATP firewalls continuous updates. This global sharing synergy empowers ATP firewalls to prevent all hidden threats.

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