Why Your Hotel's WiFi Isn't Up To Speed


We’ve all been there. You’re on an important business trip and find yourself struggling to stay connected via the hotel’s slow and spotty WiFi. You might need to send an important email, upload some photos, maybe even download a video file for a presentation. But the hotel’s WiFi is holding you back and time is ticking to get to your client's office for a meeting...

Unfortunately, bad WiFi has become common at hotels all across the country. And it’s not just in budget hotels—spotty and weak WiFi plagues even some of the best hotels in the country.


There’s more than one reason you sometimes struggle with slow speeds while away form the office, but in many cases it’s simply because several hotel operators haven’t considered the burgeoning demand of multiple devices in each room, and/or the growing need to keep speeds moving faster as more travelers become reliant on web-based applications. In many hotels, there just aren't enough access points to handle the demand, and/or the hotel's networking hardware is severely outdated.

It’s understandable that hotels tend to be more preoccupied with keeping rooms clean (which is definitely a good thing), providing great food and also in managing the complex world of real-world and online room bookings, all before they consider upgrading their WiFi systems. And in most cases, it’s not as though hotels are deliberately throttling speeds (well, some might be in order to get you to pay for faster service) or purposefully slowing you down.  

Want to know your hotel's WiFi speed before you check in? Visit Hotel WiFi Test and see if your hotel is on the list, and what kind of WiFi speed you should expect. 

Final Thoughts: Are You a Hotel Operator?

At Zyxel, we get that hotel developers and managers have to prioritize the needs for clean and comfortable accommodations, great food and entertainment to lure in the ideal guests—usually ahead of upgrading the hotel’s WiFi systems. But the reality is: good, reasonable WiFi has become the most requested (sometimes demanded) amenity that a hotel can and should provide.

If the thought of overhauling your location’s WiFi seems overwhelming, we’re here to help. Zyxel has an outstanding competence in switching, WLAN, and security products, global services and we offer support from experienced partners.  To learn about our suite of services for the hospitality industry, check out our online Solution Guide to learn more about how Zyxel can help your hotel improve it’s WiFi and start attracting (and retaining) guests.

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