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Keeping Kids Safe Online: Content Blockers


The internet can be a wonderful place for children of all ages to learn, connect and explore new ideas. It's become a vital component to just about every school's curriculum, and that trend will continue as more and more schools turn towards web-based teaching. 

That brings in mind the need to make sure your children are safe from online predators, hackers, or relative to today's conversation, objectionable or inappropriate content. Some devices such as tablets, phones, Chromebooks have content filtering settings in the device that can adjust permissions for each user. Same goes for the latest in Mac and Windows operating systems and browsers— content blocking options can be found in settings and may be easily adjusted to meet your (or your kids of varying ages) needs. These content blockers are usually free and come with your devices or operating systems already built in, but there are also third-party options (that cost money) that enable extra layers of content filtering, online time limits, and added security against malware or viruses. 

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All the aforementioned solutions are viable, and we recommend exploring what options you’re most comfortable with. However, handling your children’s net safety shouldn't be limited to simply choosing the preferred content blocker. There are still several ways a child may be suspect able to harm, including cyber bullying and email malware/Ransomware, or even being contacted by a stranger pretending to be someone else.

Our advice? Work with your kids and teach them some of the best tips we've heard when it comes to making sure they (and you for the matter) stay safe online: 

  • If you wouldn't say it in person, don't say it to anyone online. 
  • Don't give your location away to anyone. Ever. 
  • Don't share photos with someone you don't know in person. 
  • Private chat forums are off limits. 
  • Always check with parents before downloading ANYTHING. This includes emails, software, games, etc. 

To learn more about a comprehensive list for some our favorite tips for keeping kinds safe online, check out some more right HERE


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