Power over Ethernet is Easier Than You Think. (And no, it's not the same as powerline ethernet.)

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Power over Ethernet (PoE) is becoming more commonplace, especially as more businesses are opting to add security cameras, VoIP phones, wireless access points–all using existing, or easy-to-install ethernet wiring in their place of business.

It's easier than most people think, too. There's no need to re-wire the power in the building or office (ethernet wiring is much simpler and can be install outside the walls or in the ceiling with little-to-no construction cost). Within the ethernet cable itself, data uses one set of wires, while power uses another set of wires. The device that inserts power onto the Ethernet cable is called an injector or switch.  Power is injected onto the Ethernet cable using a separate power source (injector/switch) or using a network switch that includes built in PoE.  

Zyxel PoE switches offer a high PoE power budget that is almost double the amount you'll find among most competitors, and they support the 802.3at standard to easily fulfill power hungry PD requirement such as a Dome camera, pan-tilt zoom (PTZ) camera and the latest 802.11ac AP. Additionally, the Zyxel PoE switches are made with high-quality components to ensure stability and durable connectivity essential to PoE applications such as IP surveillance and more. Oh yeah, we offer injectors, too. 

By the way: "Powerline ethernet" is something else

It's easy to confuse the two based on their names, but "powerline ethernet" is not synonymous with Power over Ethernet. Simply put, powerline ethernet/internet is a system that uses your existing power lines to transmit data. I.e., by using a powerline adapter, data is transmitted on your power network. You can also use power lines to extend your wifi via a powerline Wi-Fi adapter. 

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