Does your home need an ethernet switch?

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Today's home requires ample internet speed and bandwidth to handle the ever-growing number of internet ready devices found throughout the house. And with Wi-Fi continually getting faster, ethernet connects are still faster yet, making them the preferred means for handling internet-heavy tasks such as 4K video streaming, VoIP and online gaming. 

To better improve your home's network, an ethernet switch can make a big difference in prioritizing your internet needs. For instance, you can prioritize VoIP or media players to the high-priority ports for better performance. For online gaming, simply connect the game console through the medium-priority QoS port while plugging PC and laptops for Web browsing to the low-priority QoS ports according to your need. Again, a switch can help you prioritize your bandwidth according to what needs it the most. 

At Zyxel, we offer a variety of switches designed for the home, with 5 or 8 ports each. Additionally, each switch is compliant with the IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet standard known as “Green Ethernet”. The Zyxel GS-108S v2 provides power-saving benefits without compromising performance. Moreover, the GS-108S v2 automatically detects power consumption according to the number of active connected network devices and cable length. With fewer active connected network devices or shorter Ethernet cable length, the switches will consume less power accordingly.

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