PoE and PoE+: Is there a difference?


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The difference between PoE and PoE+ has to do with the electrical power that each can carry or supply to the connected devices. The plus sign means that PoE+ is capable of carrying or supplying more power than PoE. PoE+ is typically more robust and can carry more power than PoE, but the primary difference is how PoE+ works with ethernet switches.

In previous decades, the electronic and electrical devices at business offices did not varied so much. Even if it was so, then laying two separate cable network was common. One for strictly transmitting electricity and second for transferring data. But, this added a complexity in maintenance and more importantly created a non-scalable electrical as well as a data network. To resolve this, PoE was introduced.

However, with variations in electricity needs by sophisticated and advanced systems like IP Network, VoIP, Surveillance, and the need for more electrical power capacity of PoE became a must. And more importantly, the management of electrical power distribution to such varied devices. Also, power management is essential on the basis that there is an irregularity in the usage of power by these modern devices. Some demands low and some high. And thus, to set priority for electrical power distribution especially at the times of power shortage, it becomes must; it is obvious that uninterrupted power supply to video conferencing going on (for a critical business decision or strategy) is more important than to printers.

PoE+ is made to resolve these main two issues or problems: more power capacity and negotiation of power at critical times.

Advantage of PoE+ devices over PoE devices

PoE+ devices can extract power in smaller increments, whereas PoE devices cannot. As per the need, PoE+ devices can negotiate on the power supply, anytime. If it’s doing nothing, it will go in sleep mode. And, if something important, then it will ask the ethernet switch to shut other devices which are conducting less important action. 

Also, PoE+ has double capacity and almost all other related aspects than PoE. You will see that PoE+ caters to the need of growing businesses’ digital systems’ electrical power demand.

If your office space is equipped with PoE and you are not planning to add high-end systems like VoIP, IP Surveillance, then you probably don’t need it. But, if you are planning to invest in modern, advanced yet cheaper technological systems like VoIP, IP Cameras, HVAC Monitoring, advanced printers, etc., then without any doubt you should go for PoE+ based network products and compatible devices. It is scalable, more adjustable to power needs of varied range of devices and let you monitor, control, and manage electrical supply easily.

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