Navigating the Future: Predictions/Insights from Zyxel Experts on Computer Networking Trends in 2024


In the dynamic landscape of networking industry predictions for 2024, three experts—Tri Nguyen, Shawn Rogers, and Marcus Holmes—offer valuable insights into key aspects shaping the future:

Tri Nguyen-1Tri Nguyen, Sales & Product Development Manager
In the realm of networking industry predictions for 2024, certain key aspects demand attention:

  1. Zero Trust Network Access Implementation:
    Emphasizing the heightened importance of implementing Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to enhance overall security measures.

  2. Isolation, Scanning, and Securing Guest Networks:
    Prioritizing isolation, thorough scanning, and robust security measures for guest networks to prevent the introduction of threats into the main network. This is crucial in averting network abuse and the spread of malware through compromised devices.

  3. Multi-layered Defense Strategy:
    Advocating for a multi-layered defense approach, incorporating hardware, software, and cloud-based solutions to effectively combat evolving and novel threats. Leveraging advanced AI technologies to monitor, identify, react, and promptly resolve security risks or threatening behaviors. This comprehensive strategy ensures a proactive stance against potential security challenges in the dynamic networking landscape.

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Shawn RogersShawn Rogers, Operations & Product Development Manager
WiFi 7 will continue to push the adoption of multi-gig internet, both in business and the home.  While few applications take advantage of WiFi 7, people want to know they've got the latest and fastest hardware, and they can take advantage of this.  On the ISP side, it is driving demand for faster Internet connections, and your home and business network will need to be upgraded to support faster speeds.  What good is multi-Gig WiFi if your wired network maxes out at 1Gbps?   As time goes on, the 6GHz support of WiFi clients will continue to grow.  Google's Pixel 8 phones support WiFi 7 out of the box while Apple's latest iPhone has rolled out 6e support.

Marcus 1Marcus Holmes, Sales Engineer
With the explosion of the development of artificial intelligence, we will begin to see more instances of AI being used to automate networking processes.  As it currently stands, machine learning is already being deployed to help analyze security threats in real-time, however, over time AI will take on the additional role of auditing networks to optimize features such as bandwidth management, application performance, and network connectivity.

In conclusion, the collective wisdom of these experts paints a vivid picture of a future where security, connectivity, and artificial intelligence converge to shape a resilient and responsive networking industry in 2024.

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