Is it Time for a Digital Detox?


New technology, networking, communications, data, cloud, the internet—these are the things that keep us in business, and staying connected is essential to what we do. You’re probably in the same boat, whether you're a businessperson, IT professional, student or even a stay-at-home parent. We’ve all become reliant on internet connectivity for a myriad of things.

But sometimes, our “tech addiction” can get in the way of enjoying life, too. If you’re overwhelmed with technology, here’s five quick tips you can try to develop a digital detox routine:

  1. Mornings are for meditation, not emails or social media. This is a tough one, but do what you can. Stay offline for at least for the first 30 minutes after you wake up and avoid looking at your phone, computer, etc. Spend a few moments processing the day ahead without checking to see who was first to chime your inbox.
  2. Delete your social media apps. We aren’t saying you need to delete your account, just take them off your phone or tablet—if anything, for a while. After a few days, you’ll likely realize just how little you need them.
  3. Bedtime isn’t for screens, either. Many of us are just as prone to check our devices before going to bed, as we are when we wake up. If this seems impossible, start slow and check your devices from a different room, then go to bed. Don’t check your tech while in bed—do it before you get there. Also, studies have shown that blue light emitted from screens can trick your brain into trying to stay awake. At the very least, take advantage of any devices (computers, too) that have a "nighttime mode", where blue light is lessened and the eyes can relax. 
  4. Be in the moment! No, you really don’t need your phone to take a walk down the neighborhood, go out to dinner or even to see a movie. Practice leaving your devices at home—you’ll appreciate the world around you even more.
  5. Turn off your connection when you need to focus. Can’t get your work done? Turn off your computer’s Wi-Fi or unplug your ethernet cable. Time spent without connectivity could be the difference in helping you become more productive.

Have any “digital detox” tips of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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