The New Workstation: Your Local Cafe


The way we work in the modern economy is changing by the minute. Case in point: more people are either working flexible schedules or telecommuting from a home office and the traditional 9-to-5 job is quickly starting to disappear. 

That's not to say people who telecommute stay locked in at home all day. Many people who work from home spend quite a bit of time working away from home, opting to get out and spend a few hours at a local coffeeshop where they can sip on their favorite coffee drink while working on a laptop. 

It probably won't surprise you to learn that the most important factor in deciding which coffee shop people choose to work from. It's not how good the the coffee is; it's not the views, music, or even whether or not the chairs and tables are comfortable or plentiful. Nope. The single-most important factor among the many who occasionally work from a coffeeshop is how good the Wi-Fi is.  In fact, coffeeshops have become bonafide places of work for many patrons, who often spend hours working from coffeeshops (they spend the most money, too.) And, without good Wi-Fi, it's likely several coffeeshops are missing out on a large number of would-be customers who seek good Wi-Fi to compliment their coffee consumption experience. 

If you're a coffeeshop owner, manager even a barista, and you've noticed the Wi-Fi at your place of work is lacking, Zyxel has robust options for coffeeshops wanting to offer lightning-fast Wi-Fi.  Better yet, we can customize the perfect Wi-Fi solution for your business, with a wide array of access point options that are mountable (and hide-able) almost anywhere, gateways for guest access and much more.

Having great Wi-Fi at your coffeeshop will help draw in new customers, keep customers staying longer (who will then spend more on drinks and food) and ultimately, help your place of work enhance it's reputation.  

To learn more about how Zyxel can help improve your coffeeshop's Wi-Fi, contact us today!  

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