Common Web Security Pitfalls: Ransomware


You’ve heard of it. It’s been in the news lately. It’s cost companies big and small, billions of dollars…

But what is Ransomware, exactly?

Ransomware is a Trojan virus or malware that's either accidentally, inadvertently or wrongfully downloaded to someone’s device through an email attachment, text or via clicking a bad link somewhere on the web.

Where it gets particularly scary is with Ransomware, the software/hacker steals and holds your precious data for an actual ransom. It doesn’t just affect how you access your data by blocking you from it or by disabling your devices, Ransomware literally threatens to expose your private information and/or crash your systems if you don’t pay the ransom.


Social security numbers, credit card numbers and/or other sensitive information (whether business or personal) may be exposed to the web if you or your business should your business refuse to pay the ransom amount. 

Ransomware has the potential to affect anyone, but for business owners it’s even more intimidating. Imagine not only your private information made public, but also your clients? Yikes.

Luckily, there are preventative measures (we’ll take a look at protecting the workplace but these tips work at home, too) you can do to keep Ransomware out of your business for good and/or combat it: 

  • Never pay the ransom. You could pay it and the bad guys might come back and ask for more. There is no closed case scenario (even after you pay). 
  • Restore to a previous backup to wipe out the Ransomeware. This is your best bet.
  • Change all personal passwords, codes, logins that may have been breached.
  • Use a content filtering service for all incoming emails to prevent staff from downloading something they shouldn't. If any email comes your way asking you to click a link or to download something, DO NOT do it. 
  • Lastly, scammers or “phishers” usually seek personal information in an email or via phone call. NEVER give out your personal information to anyone for any reason, with exception to verified staff and or Human Resources departments as required by your place of work.

Ransomware is generally perceived by IT professionals as a preventable problem, but when it strikes and your private information is held ransom, it can be an arduous process to solve.

At Zyxel, we offer solutions to help you prevent and combat Ransomware, including various products that can help keep your business safe and secure. We have the ability to mitigate all four aspects of Ransomware attacks: Malware blocking/detection, web content filtering for malicious sites, remote access/dial home Trojans, and email phishing scanning/detection.  Also, we're offering a FREE Solution Guide to help you defend your data online. Included are additional tips, case studies, expert opinions and interviews with IT leaders on the subject of Ransomware. 

Lastly, to learn more about Zyxel's product offering to help your business avoid malware, click HERE for product details and supporting information.  Oh, and check out this great infographic below. 



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