Why SMBs Should Invest in IT Networking


As a small business owner, strategic investments in your wired network are vital to staying competitive, boosting operational efficiency, and fortifying security measures.
To remain competitive, SMBs should prioritize investing in reliable and secure computer networking infrastructure. Your small business's IT network acts as the cornerstone, linking all your devices and enabling access to critical data and applications. Your IT network forms a complex web of interconnected devices and software, enabling seamless communication and data sharing throughout your business. This encompasses access points, switches, and firewalls.

Factors to Consider for Your Small Business Network Connectivity

  • Having visibility into network activity, including threats, access, and malware alerts/alarms, is essential for prompt action when necessary

  • Effortless management tailored to your needs

  • Zero-touch technology

  • Simple Installation and Configuration

  • Security measures should extend beyond just Wi-Fi to encompass the entire network, including switches, gateways, and Wi-Fi access points.


What Zyxel offers:

  • A dependable service without the ongoing financial strain

    Up and running in minutes! Configure and monitor your network with a few simple clicks from our Nebula App or a browser, without the hassle of any ongoing costs.

    challenging, hard-to-reach areas should be as easy as a single click.

  • No Additional Hardware/Software

    Easily configure and monitor with just a few clicks from your browser or the Nebula app, eliminating the need for installing additional software or hardware.

  • Stay Connected Anywhere, Anytime

    Wherever you go, our array of small business network solutions provides secure, fast, and reliable connectivity, spanning from business security firewalls to 5G and everything in between. 

Zyxel access points, switches, and firewalls

1.    Access Points
Offering free cloud management, integration with our business security firewalls, and a variety of technologies - Zyxel's diverse access point selection ensures you will always be able to find just what you need for your current project. 

  • WAX300H

    Although primarily designed for hospitality settings, its compact form factor makes it suitable for use in other environments, such as small office/home office (SOHO) setups. The access point also supports the use of 160MHz channels, doubling the throughput compared to 80MHz channels to accommodate more bandwidth-hungry applications and provide faster speeds. Zyxel WAX300H is not only a wireless AP, but also a switch that can support a wide range of in-room services from wired to wireless without the need for extra electrical power ports. Additionally, this AP easily blends into tasteful decorations and can be mounted directly on an outlet box or any obscure location, even simply on a desktop. For more info, click here

  • WAX610D

    The WAX610D is designed to deliver the true WiFi 6 experience to users for various types of applications. Featuring 6 spatial streams (4x4:4 in 5GHz, 2x2:2 in 2.4GHz), OFDMA, and MU-MIMO capabilities, the WAX610D can provide fabulous efficiency for your wireless networking. The WAX610D is equipped with a dual-optimized antenna that is selectable, allowing the access point to be mounted on the wall or the ceiling without compromising performance and coverage. For more info, click here.

  • WBE660S

    The WBE660S boasts lightning-fast WiFi 7 accompanied by significantly increased capacity. When paired with Zyxel Nebula's extensive range of management and security enhancements, it guarantees high reliability for demanding enterprise-grade connectivity. Equipped with the Zyxel Smart Antenna, this device continuously monitors and adjusts connections for each device, ensuring consistent optimal performance. This innovative technology effectively prevents connection inconsistencies and delays caused by interferences. For more info. Click here.

2.    Switches
Zyxel switches are enterprise-grade hardware designs that bring high quality and reliability to SMB switch networks. Some of the key features of Zyxel switches include robust protection on all ports, intelligent FAN control for quieter operation, a power noise filter and solid capacitor, and a world-class power supply to ensure stability.

  • GS1915 Series Cloud Switch

    The GS1915 Series includes four 8/24-port switches, with or without PoE options. The two PoE models facilitate a wide variety of network setups with flexible PoE budgets of both 60 W (8EP) and 130 W (24EP) with all PoE ports supporting IEEE 802.3at PoE+. These Series Switches come with useful features and superior performance just with plug-and-play. In addition, it also supports Nebula cloud management. For more info, click here. 

  • The GS1920v2 Series 

    The GS1920v2 Series extends the success of the best-selling GS1920 series with a stylish new look and enables cloud manageability with Zyxel NebulaFlexTM technology. The GS1920v2 series comes with a fresh, modern look, a more intuitive user experience, and a new member—the 8HP model. The GS1920v2 series introduces Zyxel NebulaFlexTM, which allows you to easily switch between standalone mode and our license-free Nebula cloud management platform anytime with just a few simple clicks. Additionally, it is ideal for SMB deployment in multiple scenarios, with its unique port combinations futureproofing your network to ensure easy growth down the road. For more info, click here.

  • XGS1930 Series

    The XGS1930 series, a new 10G uplink smart managed switch, comes with a stylish new look and enables cloud manageability with Zyxel NebulaFlexTM technology. This smart-looking switch features an intuitive design that simplifies daily network management for SMBs.The XGS1930 series introduces Zyxel NebulaFlexTM, which allows you to easily switch between standalone mode and our license-free Nebula cloud management platform anytime with just a few simple clicks. With Gigabit connectivity plus four 10G uplinks, the XGS1930 series is ideal for those seeking to upgrade to an easier-to-manage network—and at an affordable price. For more info, click here

  • XGS2220 L3 Access Switch

    The XGS2220 Series is a family of Layer 3 access Switches that consists of six models, including PoE, Non-PoE, and Fiber options. Non-PoE models offer Gigabit desktop ports for everyday network access. The XGS2220 Series comes with two additional 10G Multi-Gig RJ 45 ports to offer the flexibility to connect to servers, network storage, or other high-speed network devices. For more info, click here.

3.    Firewalls
Zyxel firewalls can secure your small business from malware and unauthorized applications, ensuring uninterrupted operations by shielding your network from external threats. 

  • SCR 50AXE (Secure Cloud-managed Router with AXE5400 WiFi 6E)

    The Zyxel WiFi 6E business-class router seamlessly integrates simple setup and installation with cutting-edge wireless technology and network security, crafted to connect and safeguard small businesses or teleworkers. Furthermore, the SCR 50AXE includes standard ransomware/malware security at no ongoing annual costs, providing real-time insights into attack timing, locations, types, and targets within your network. For more info, click here.

  • USG FLEX series

    The USG FLEX series implements zero trust access principles, ensuring consistent security controls across headquarters, branch offices, homes, or remote worker locations. By creating access policies based on device context, such as OS version or device category, network segmentation is enforced, reducing the attack surface, and containing the spread of threats. For more info, click here.

  • USG FLEX H series 

    The USG FLEX H series provides secure, fast protection with ground-breaking high performance for Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Unified Threat Management (UTM), a multi-layered approach to protecting the Firewall, the network infrastructure, and connected users by leveraging Zyxel’s high-performance hardware and state-of-the-art AI Security Cloud architecture. For more info, click here.

Investing in IT network infrastructure is paramount for small businesses to maintain competitiveness, enhance operational efficiency, and bolster security measures. Prioritizing reliable and secure computer networking ensures uninterrupted operations and facilitates access to critical data and applications. Zyxel offers a comprehensive range of network products, including access points, switches, and firewalls, designed to meet the unique requirements of small businesses. By leveraging Zyxel's solutions, SMBs can achieve seamless connectivity, robust security, and operational efficiency, empowering them to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape.

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