Why Smart Antenna Technology is Cool

We have heard of smartphones, smart lightbulbs, smart speakers, smart mugs, and many more but have you heard of smart antennas? Smart antenna is the solution for co-channel interference or CCI. What is co-channel interference? CCI happens when you have multiple APs in the same wireless channel, and they interfere with each other. Some common WiFi complications are caused by co-channel interference such as:


  1. Slow download speeds even with AP's (Access Points) in every room
  2. You've got plenty of Access Points, but the WiFi isn't performing well
  3. Video conference is interrupted by buffering

How does a smart antenna work? So, the way smart antenna technology works is instead of having one fixed antenna pattern, you have the ability to use hundreds and hundreds of different antenna patterns.

How do you avoid these WiFi complications?
Here's a scenario about how a vlogger translates to co-channel interference.

Zyxel Networks smart antenna technology

When a vlogger is trying to record a YouTube video, let’s say in a conference room or show floor, the sound quality is good it’s because there’s only one person in the room. But as more people enter the conference room, their conversations will start to drown out the vlogger on the audio recording. This is the same thing your AP experiences with co-channel interference, only instead of sound from other people drowning out a microphone, it is the transmissions of other APs and wireless devices making it hard for your AP to “hear” the wireless devices it is servicing.

To have good coverage, high performance, and reduced co-channel interference, there really needs to be a technical breakthrough. The answer to this is Zyxel smart antenna technology.

Zyxel smart antenna eliminates interference and delivers WiFi performance better than other industry-leading manufacturers. How do we validate our claim? Because we put our APs head-to-head with the best in the business. Check our key findings here.

Smart antenna technology is cool because it works with any sort of client device. It does not require any special technology on the client device in order to work. It also works with moving devices. When a mobile device moves around on the coverage area, you're able to change the antenna pattern to match them.

Zyxel's Smart Antenna AP outperformed the competition, dealt with co-channel interference the best, delivered the highest throughput, and proved itself as the number one option in challenging environments.

Learn more about Smart Antenna AP and Co-Channel Interference with our webinar below.

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