Which "Suites" Your Business? Office 365 or G-Suite?

Moving your businesses data and applications to the cloud is wise option, and can save you hassle, frustration as well as money both in the short and long term. However, one of the more challenging parts of deciding to move your companies documents, spreadsheets, etc., to the cloud is determining which applications are the ones you want to work with.

There are two major players to consider: Microsoft 365 or Google's G-Suite. No doubt you've heard of both, and maybe employ both at your business. But how do you know  which one is right for you and your company's needs?

For sake of brevity, let's look at three major functions: word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. We're not going to taking pricing into consideration here, but maybe we will in a future blog.

Word Processing: 

Google Docs and Microsoft Word both present straightforward word processing options, both with the standard features you've come to expect from a word processor. That included spellchecking, basic formatting, templates to choose from, etc. The only real reason we think Microsoft Office has the leg up is it's familiarity and ease-of-use. Google Docs is close in terms of functionality, but with so many of us ingrained in how Word looks, feels and performs, we give Microsoft Word the advantage when it comes to basic word processing. 


When it comes to dynamic or complex spreadsheets, Excel dominates. The application can put forth a near endless number of functions and commands, making in the leading player for any business needing spreadsheets for virtually function. Google Sheets on the other hand isn't bad--its just a simpler take on data management. If you need something basic, Sheets might actually be a good choice. It's also better for document collaboration across different users, as well. 


Microsoft's PowerPoint has long been the standard for slideshows and presentations. Google's Slides is a much more watered down version in terms of functionality. Which again, much like the spreadsheet capabilities found in Excel versus Sheets, Slides has it's advantages for those needing simplicity. 

What do you think? The obvious choice in terms of customization, flexibility and features swings in favor of Microsoft Office 365, but Google's G-Suite is certainly a viable option for businesses needing simplicity and reliability. 

Let us know what you prefer in the comments!

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