Tips on How to be a Thriving Distance Learning Student

Tips on How to be a Thriving Distance Learning StudentDistance or online learning is the focus at the moment as Covid-19 dominates global headlines. Many schools in the US have closed and transitioned to virtual classes. In the US, 55.1 million students have transitioned to distance learning. This sudden change may be jarring and confusing, but these decisions are made to prevent students and teachers from getting sick, and the community at-large.

With most parents working from home and kids doing distance learning, it is imperative to have a stable home network for a better remote working/learning experience. Zyxel’s powerful PLA6456 with the new technology delivers maximum data transfer rate and stability for your home networking, thus, no more worries about WiFi congestion with the powerline wired connection. It is perfect for 8K streaming and provides lag-free online gaming experience.

In the meantime, while the world is on lock down, here are tips to become a productive distance learning student

  • Powerful Home Network - First up, make sure you have a reliable and stable wireless home network. Poor wireless fidelity can distract your focus. With people working/studying remotely more and more, this places a lot of demand on the wireless networks in their homes. Using the PLA6456 can help offload some devices to a power outlet wired connection. This frees up air time for wireless devices like Chromebooks and Tablets.
  • Set your schedule - Distance learning can be new to a lot of people. It's easy to procrastinate. Set a routine or a time schedule everyday for studying. Usually assignments are due the following week. Start on the first day and make progress everyday. On the sixth day, review your work. It's easier to revise when you have ample time. In other words, do not rush your assignments/projects. Some courses give certificates. If you want to earn that certification, turn in all assignments complete and on time.PLA6456 Converting Power to a Supersonic Network_
  • Read the course syllabus in depth or download and save it - The syllabus is your road map. It contains information about your instructor, grading requirements, assignments and instructions. The syllabus will be your guide as you work thru every chapter of your course so you should download and save it. Take a tour of the online learning platform and familiarize yourself with all its features.
  • Don't be shy about engaging with your instructor and your peers - One advantage of online learning is you can ask questions without looking like a dummy in front of your classmates. Don't be afraid to ask questions. The main reason why every chapter has a forum is to make it interactive for students to engage and learn from each other. A good course requires the student to interact with instructors and collaborate with their peers. Reinforce, respect and value other student's ideas.
  • Check online resources week by week - Instructors usually put additional resources at the end of the lesson. Use these resources to gain additional knowledge. These resources can also aid with your quizzes.
  • Set your goals - If your goal is to have a certification, make sure you attain the required grades. Setting goals after taking online classes will help you with self-assessment, self-esteem and boost your motivation.

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