Secure and Boost up Voice Apps

The number one thing people want out of voice whether you are talking via virtual conference or computer audio is the quality and reliability. People still have this misconception about computer audio that the signal is not so great and poor quality sometimes whereas on the landline there's perfect quality and no digitization of the voice. In this digital life, we are moving into less physical wire connection. We are moving into the cloud which means it's passing through the network and then going into the internet. Computer audio is getting way better with all these advanced network technologies.

Essential Elements of Voice Applications

  1. Quality - Cloud-driven voice applications should have perfect quality. How functional is the app at fulfilling a user’s objective and the rate of re-engagement/retention of the audience
  2. Reliability (Available anywhere) - The reliability of connectivity always being available is also very important.
  3. Regardless of what areas you are in you can still make a phone call with a high signal or deliver that functionality of voice from your extension, your cell phone, or when working remotely.
  4. Security - You may have a high-quality voice, and reliable connectivity but is it secure? You can set up the network and get everything running but security to deliver voice-type solutions should always be secured.


Voice apps are moving to the cloud. All the applications for IPBX and cloud PBX can be pushed to some sort of cloud service. Zyxel is one of the seven brands in the world that has VPN gateway technology that is certified for both AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure.

Delivering the functionality of Voice Applications

  1. VPN High Availability - Advanced GRE Technology, deploy two IPSEC VPN tunnels for active-active VPN load balancing or active-passive failover
  2. WAN load balancing - Ethernet WAN connections support active-active WAN load balancing or active-passive failover
  3. Multi-WAN & Mobile Broadband - Provide non-stop Internet uptime with Multi-WAN and mobile broadband support
  4. VLAN and Control - Insuring VoIP traffic has the highest priority in the cloud makes VLAN and application awareness very important

Connect and Protect not just Voice Applications
Connect & Protect (CNP) has been specifically designed to give SMBs (small businesses) a hassle-free approach to setting up powerful network protection to protect connected customers. Users that are connected to a wireless access point with Zyxel's new Connect and Protect service enabled will benefit from protection against malicious threats while maintaining privacy and safeguarding data and personal information.

To learn more about secure voice applications view the webinar, view the webinar below.

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