Have You Considered a Personal Cloud?


Running low on hard drive space? Looking for a secured storage option that you control and access via the cloud? A personal cloud solution may be just what you need.

Personal clouds differ from other online storage providers, otherwise known as public cloud services, in that you actually store information on physical hard drives in your home or at your place or work, which are then sharable via your personal cloud across multiple computers, devices, etc. It's ideal for companies or individuals that want to keep their data secured in a physical location, but who also want the ability to collaborate across multiple devices and to access data from anywhere. 

Another great reason to consider a personal cloud is unlike public cloud services, you're less susceptible to privacy concerns that potentially can affect everyone who subscribes to the public cloud service. I.e., when iCloud was hacked and private photos of celebrities were exposed, it's likely everyone who uses iCloud was vulnerable to have their information stolen or exposed as well. 

At Zyxel, we over a variety of personal cloud storage solutions to meet the needs of the home and/or your business. Whether you're looking to create a single entertainment storage solution at home, or you're needing a RAID backup of critical and sensitive data at your work (and also want a physical storage location with remote access), Zyxel has a variety of personal cloud solutions to choose from right HERE

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