Back-Up your Photos/Videos with Zyxel's Personal Cloud Storage this Holiday Season

With Fall just around the corner and the holiday season will be here before you know it, you will be busy taking photos of the festive decor and families and friends. Your mobile phone will be your most important gadget of the season. And that little gadget is where you will store your memories. The photos start to pile up on your smartphone and when you're ready to record another memory your phone says, "Storage full". First, you thought of deleting the ones that are duplicates but still not enough. Second, you thought of transferring your photos to your computer or laptop but that's going to rack the storage of your laptop. Online cloud storage? But you don’t like paying annual fees with questionable privacy policies.

Prevent panic and frustrations. You can now free up much-needed space on your smartphone by simply backing up all your photos and videos to Zyxel's Personal Cloud Storage solution. This means you can now back up virtually or access your home's data from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. Centralize all your storage data into one place. Whether it’s your cloud data, photos, videos, or data from your USB storage devices, the Zyxel NAS provides a variety of ways to access them all!


And that's not all......
1. NAS326 The 2-Bay Personal Cloud Storage has Zyxel NAS and Zyxel Drive app. The app can transform your WiFi network into a backup station, enabling you to back up your photos and videos from your favorite smartphone to the Zyxel NAS. You can watch your photos on the big screen with the zCloud mobile app. Zyxel NAS allows you to access your photos and videos instantly when they’re copied onto the NAS. For more info, click here.

2. NAS540 The 4-Bay Personal Cloud Storage can secure files with reliability. It features RAID (Redundant Array of Independent/Inexpensive Disks) capability, and gets reliable data sharing even if a single hard drive fails so that you can keep on working! Zyxel incorporates advanced P2P (Peer-to-peer) technologies to enable you to quickly browse your work files from your network storage device wherever you are. For more info, click here.

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