Is a personal cloud right for you?

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The modern economy is all about mobility. We work from anywhere and everywhere these days, making it critical our digital data is accessible anywhere there's an internet connection. 

Question is, what's the right way to go about it? Should data be stored on a remote cloud service? With recent hacks infiltrating the personal data of millions of people who subscribe to cloud data and backup services, it might be time to choose a personal cloud to store and back-up your data. 

What's a personal cloud you ask? At Zyxel, we have a variety to choose from, for both business and home use. It starts with physical hard drives that store your data and backup information. This data is stored on swappable hard drives for added protection and security (as opposed to a regular external hard drive that simply plugs into your computer.) Secondly, data stored on your Zyxel personal cloud is accessible via myZyxelCloud, Zyxel NAS and the ZCloud App, for the ability to stream content to any mobile device. Which by the way, you can backup your mobile device to your own personal cloud as well. 

Additionally, using a personal cloud is not only safer and less prone to a hack which at times are very widespread, a personal cloud is much faster. The built in CPU and memory in a personal cloud moves fast, making it easy to stream, share and backup content on the fly. 

Learn more via the video below: 

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