Does Your Home Office Need a Switch?

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With more people opting to work at home these days than seemingly ever before, the need for a high-speed internet connection to the home has never been more crucial. Especially considering that in order to work from home, you need to be available for VOIP phone calls, web meetings, content streaming (hey, some people watch cable news as they work) and so forth. Also to make sure you can stay productive, you likely want wired connections to ensure the fastest and most reliable connections to several devices in your office. 

Question is, would your home office benefit from having a switch? 

In many cases, the answer is yes. A Desktop Gigabit Ethernet Media Switch (such Zyxel's GS-105S v2) can help you prioritize your connections and assign high, medium and low priorities for preferred network applications. For instance, you can connect VoIP or media players to the high-priority ports for simultaneous high-quality voice calling and a fast multimedia streaming experience. If you have a personal cloud storage device, simply connect the cloud storage through the medium-priority QoS port. Lastly, you could plug your PC and laptops for Web browsing to the low-priority QoS ports according to your needs. Doing this ensures the best performance for any and all your devices. 

By assigning different priorities, you can avoid any instances where certain devices may be getting in the way of other more important or timely tasks used by other devices. Furthermore, having a gigabit switch will make a huge difference if you have a fiber connection to your home, helping you take full advantage of super-fast fiber optic speeds.  With five ports to choose from in the GS-105S v2, you can easily connect multiple devices at blazing-fast gigabit speeds simultaneously. 

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