Zyxel Networks: Empowering Connectivity, Enriching Sustainability for Earth Day and Beyond


As a leading networking company, we believe that networking has the power to enhance lives, facilitating easier access and connection to the world. Zyxel Networks is committed to achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2050.

Zyxel has instituted its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Committee as the primary governing body overseeing its sustainability initiatives. This committee actively pursues Zyxel's vision by ardently advancing its sustainability mission through various activities, engagements, and contributions. Its key objectives include formulating Zyxel's sustainability strategies, establishing goals, executing plans, and efficiently managing performance and resources to uphold Zyxel's core principles of conduct. 

Green Statement
For the enhancement of the environment, sustainable development, and customer well-being, Zyxel is committed to developing products that are non-hazardous, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. Additionally, we adhere to global regulations such as RoHS, REACH, POPs, PPW, WEEE, and others, which promote environmental sustainability policies and practices. Our design principles are as follows:
1.    Use non-hazardous materials
2.    Reduce materials or use renewable materials
3.    Reduce product weight and volume
4.    Easy to use
5.    Easy to disassemble and recycle


Energy-Efficient Management
Zyxel is dedicated to reducing the energy consumption of networking products and enhancing energy efficiency. This includes efforts to minimize energy loss from power conversion processes.

1. Choose a higher efficiency Power adapter from 77 percent to 83 percent to reduce energy lost from power conversion. Most of the Power adapters can support at least 85 percent active power efficiency.

2. The PoE feature supplies the actual watts that the devices need with auto-detection capability to reduce power consumption and increase the potential amount of connected power devices.

Zyxel is committed to integrating waste reduction, recycling, and disposal considerations into product design. This includes prioritizing repair, upgrade, reuse, and disassembly principles, aligning with the requirements of the WEEE directive, and fulfilling recycling responsibilities.
At Zyxel, sustainability is not just a commitment; it's a fundamental principle driving everything we do.
For comprehensive information on Zyxel Networks' sustainability initiatives, click here.

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