Virtual Windows on Emirates?


Photo Courtesy of Emirates

When it comes to where you sit while flying commercially, you're typically forced to choose between two seats: window or aisle (nobody actually picks the middle seats if they can avoid it, right?) The aisle seat has its advantages: it's a bit roomier, you can leave your seat without interrupting anyone and so on. Window seats are the second best choice, in part because you can be left uninterrupted and in most cases, you can soak in the view of the landscape below (even if only for parts of your flight when there are no clouds below.) It's not a huge advantage, but still better than being stuck in the middle seat.  Which, speaking of the view, in most cases it's not that great considering the size of the window and how often times the window is obstructed, hazy or sometimes, a little too dirty to see anything anyway. 

In an attempt to make the window seat even better for first class passengers (which is already extraordinary in the first place and costs more than most are willing to pay), Emirates has opted to remove the windows entirely and replace them with LCD displays. The virtual windows are a feature on the otherwise windowless cabin suites along the middle aisle, and project a high-definition view of the outside using real-time cameras mounted on the plane.

You can see it here:  

This begs the question -- will we see such technology in our homes and offices some day? The Internet of Things continues to etch it's way into our daily lives, helping us streamline how we consumer entertainment, use appliances, even control the environment around us via Wi-Fi equipping lights, thermostats, etc. With advancements in networking and Wi-Fi happening fast, it's actually quite conceivable that such technology will allow us to simulate environments via ultra-resolution windows and walls in our own homes and offices. Think of this: instead of your window view of the office parking lot, it's possible you may be able to view a live feed of the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Canyon or even a live feed from the International Space Station -- perhaps all three on the same day if you wish.

How cool would that be? With gigabit connections, lightning fast Wi-Fi and ultra-resolution video screens, this kind of technology probably isn't as far into the future as you might think. But until we get there, be sure to check out Zyxel's wide assortment of products designed to make your home networking and Wi-Fi experience the best it can be, and keep an eye out on future developments right here on this blog. You can learn more right HERE.

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