Enhancing Surveillance with Zyxel's Dedicated PoE Switches


As demand grows for higher resolution, easy installation, and management in surveillance systems, traditional analog security cameras are giving way to digital IP cameras. PoE switches have become crucial in these deployments, facilitating the power and data transmission needs of IP cameras. Zyxel offers specialized PoE switches tailored for surveillance applications, addressing key requirements of modern surveillance setups.


Key Features:

  • Peace of mind PoE Power Budget: Zyxel's PoE switches boast a larger power budget, enabling the simultaneous powering of multiple IP cameras even when all ports are utilized.

  • Enhanced Connectivity: These switches feature additional uplink ports, allowing for cascaded surveillance networks without sacrificing ports designated for IP cameras.

  • Scalable Surveillance Switches for Diverse Installations: Zyxel offers a range of surveillance switches, from unmanaged to managed series, and small to large port models, catering to CCTV installations of all scales.

  • Expanded Transmission Reach: Zyxel's surveillance switches surpass the 100-meter transmission limitation with an extended range mode, achieving an impressive 250-meter transmission distance without the need for additional switches, thus saving time, effort, and costs.

  • Efficient Camera Troubleshooting with Auto-Reboot Functionality: Resolve camera issues remotely and automatically by rebooting cameras with Zyxel’s auto-detect function. The switch detects traffic loss from a malfunctioning camera and initiates an automatic POE port reboot to restore it. Notifications keep the network administrator informed.

Setting Zyxel Apart: What Makes Us Unique

  1. Selected Power Supply

  2. Stabilized Power

  3. Isolated Circuit Design

  4. Patented Ethernet Protection

  5. Intelligent System Monitoring

Zyxel's dedicated PoE switches offer an indispensable solution for enhancing surveillance systems in today's evolving landscape. Our switches address the growing demands for higher resolution, seamless installation, and efficient management. Zyxel stands out as a leader in surveillance technology. Moreover, our switches go beyond traditional limitations by extending transmission reach to an impressive 250 meters, all while ensuring stability, protection, and intelligent monitoring. With Zyxel, you can trust in our commitment to providing innovative solutions that set us apart from the competition and empower your surveillance infrastructure for the future.

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