Why smart IT salesmen are selling cloud services

Ask any IT reseller about the challenges they face in selling cloud-based solutions, and one thing they are certain to mention is getting their sales people to switch from selling hardware and software, to selling subscriptions and services.

IT Resellers are used to selling servers, networking and storage infrastructure, software licenses, support and break-fix cover, as one complete IT solution. But ultimately this style of business has become increasingly difficult to sustain.

Many IT Resellers are moving towards managing IT equipment as a service, migrating away from traditional one-time deals, to a more sustainable business model by supplying networks as a service. Like TV subscriptions this style of business means IT Resellers can give different “packages” that can be tailored to the clients need and create a regular income from managing client IT.

There are plenty of benefits here for the end customer too. There will be a much lower up-front capital cost for starters along with IT Resellers providing a more Pro-active approach to support over the traditional reactive, break-fix style business. Whilst in the past this may have been a good, sound business model, clients are much more reliant on connectivity and access to the internet for cloud services, like email; file sharing, communication tools and even accounting software. This means that the clients demands and expectations on IT resellers has changed.

Migrating to this style of business does come with its’ challenges, but with Zyxel Nebula cloud management system, we have created a hassle free, scalable platform that provides IT resellers the tools, and hardware to simplify the deployment and management of client networks, so that IT resellers can concentrate on scaling out their business.


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