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Google Titan Key Adds Physical Security To Your Account


In an attempt to increase account security and to open the world to it's own in-house security measures, Google's new Titan Key is a physical key that's required to login into your Google accounts. 

According to a recent post from CNET, "The Titan Security Key uses multifactor authentication to protect people against phishing attacks. Security keys come in many forms, whether it's a USB stick or a Bluetooth fob, used to connect to your device when you try logging in.

The point is to provide a second layer of security through multifactor authentication -- that is, more than one method of proving you're the person who's authorized to log in. Hackers may be able to steal your password online, but they often have a much harder time stealing a physical security key that's with you.

The Titan Security Key, which comes in both USB and Bluetooth versions, will be available for sale in Google's online store within the next few months, said Christiaan Brand, a Google product manager for identity and security. 

It'll come in a bundle with both the USB and Bluetooth versions for $50, or you can buy one or the other for about $20 to $25 each, Brand said. The set of security keys should work on any device with a USB port or a Bluetooth connection."

For a deeper dive, check out CNET's summary right HERE

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